Welcome to the Yas Dental Clinic

We are offering an excellent standard of dental treatment for the entire family. Our main strength is treatment planning, specialty treatment with renowned professionals, ultimate treatment protocols and “state of the art” treatment facilities.

We are not famous for our new or tailored plans or for our clear costs, but what makes us famous is that we care deeply for your smile and our main goal is giving the desired results. Innovative dental solutions are always brought before you so that a healthy and beautiful smile can be enjoyed. With us, you will have advanced technologies and latest scientific approaches of specialists and dentists at your fingertips. Now, preventing, diagnosing as well as treating has become swifter than before.

Once you avail our services, you will definitely get the services you always desired. We use only natural materials for whitening. We use veneers without having the need to drill the healthy structure of the tooth and this all is quite affordable and can be easily reached. Just lean back and get hold of our dental services from our dedicated and experienced experts.